Connect The Dots!

Information for Participants

If you are enrolled in the experiment using Connect The Dots!, you will receive an e-mail with personalised links. These links lead to your personal pages. Make sure that you have enrolled in the experiment and that you have made an account on Ginkgo before you access this tool. Without signing up in ginkgo and doing the activities there, you will not be able to use the functionalities on this tool.

About Connect The Dots!

Connect the Dots! is a prototype of a tool supporting networked learning. It has been developed as part of research on networking skills for learning at the Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies, at the Open Universiteit, the Netherlands.

The tool is currently used for experimental purposes. Experiments will be conducted throughout 2012.

This research is being conducted by Kamakshi Rajagopal. For more background on her and her research, please check the Contact page. If you are interested in joining one of the experiments, please get in touch.